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Student Feedback

Lashaan Knox, grade 7, wrote this essay about her Artists Collective Experience:

Connecticut After School Network

Did you ever stop to take the time to notice how important after school programs are? They help to make kids happier. Artists Collective's After School program however, makes me feel so overjoyed. I have the opportunity to dance and stay out of trouble at the same time.

It's located at 1200 Albany Avenue and when you're there you'll never want to leave. As my feet pound against the hard wooden floor, I feel as if an angel has just swept me off my feet. As I dance, I look to see 12 of the kids and how much fun they're having. The other half of the people can't take their eyes off of the front line because they didn't practice at home. As people mess up, Ms. A'Qiida stops the music and tells us, "That was a mess! AGAIN!" Then I seek out the people who moan and groan, and crack up! The teachers at the Artists Collective always make sure that we have our dance moves on point. When it's show time, they want us to look as best as we can. This is what's so great about the Artists Collective's After School program.

Another thing that's so great aobut their After School Program is that when people are getting shot outside of the building on Albany Avenue, since there are a whole bunch of schools around that area, the Artists Collective's After School Program is always there to help kids off of the streets. We have a place to come after school instead of getting in loads of trouble. These are the best things that I like about my After School Program here at the Artists Collective.



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